We Value Our Suppliers

At North American Traveler, we search out great travel suppliers to offer our customers the best in experience and value.  The best value typically is not the cheapest product.  We truly understand the price to value relationship, which allows us to put forth a high quality travel package.  Our suppliers are an extension of ourselves.  If there is ever an issue while traveling and you cannot seem to work it out, just contact us to assist you.  

If you are a supplier who wants to be a part of our program, please contact us!

Our Hotels

80% of our properties are in the 4 and 5-star category. (Some strategic 3-star properties) We manage both your travel needs and budget. It is rare that we utilize low budget properties when working with groups or individuals. In some cases like National Park travel, we may have to book very basic accommodations. We typically source and contract centrally located accommodations so that you don't spend time and money taxiing from less convenient locations.

Our Local Guides

One of our most sought after suppliers are fun and informative local guides. We only use licensed guides in any area that requires a license to tour visitors. Don't walk around and read a book.....have a local guide walk or drive you around, tell the stories, learn the history and get more out of your visit. In most cases we include all fees and/or gratuity when using a local guide.

Our Local Tours

When not using private tours with local guides, we work with tour vendors that operate smaller tours in Sprinters, mini-vans or mini-coaches


This is the fun factor! We search out both the basics and more complex activities. If traveling to a destination for the first time, most will want to see the main sights. Too many times, travelers and / or their travel agents try to do too much or make things too complicated. If you have never been to New York, you probably want to see the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. If its your third time to New York, you may want to do a behind the scenes tour or something in more detail.

We pride ourselves in sourcing theater, concerts, festival and sporting event tickets. We understand all the ins and outs of this market.

So...let us know what you like and we will make it happen! Food, wine, sporting events, theater, museums, history, architecture or outdoor adventure.

Working with Restaurants

When working with restaurants, we contract to allow our customers to order directly off of the menu with minimal restrictions