Other Ports and North American Cities

Private Shore Excursions and Destination Tours

Private Shore Excursions and Private Sightseeing Tours are basically the same product. They are just named differently for travel agents and consumers. The only difference is where the service originates. Shore excursions originate from the cruise port or pier and sightseeing tours originate from a hotel or other location within the destination. Shore excursions can be displayed as single destination or an entire cruise itinerary product. If you are just interested in one particular destination / port, we got you covered. If you want a private shore excursion in each destination / port, we have that as well. OFFERED FOR GROUPS OF ANY SIZE OR INDIVIDUALS.

Other Ports and North American Cities

Our collection of private tours and private shore excursions have the finest standards to ensure your clients enjoyment and comfort. All tours are conducted in forward facing vehicles. NO limos! We have access to various vehicles in each destination. A tour for 2 passengers may be done one way, but a tour for 8 may be done another. San Francisco tours can be done to Napa or Sonoma Valley, Muir Woods and Sausalito as well as the Downtown Area and Golden Gate Bridge. Read more about our standards.

Destination or Cruise Port Prices From Pricing Notes
New England (Vermont, NH, Maine, MA, RI) Call for pricing
Washington, D.C. $682.00
New Orleans Call for pricing
Chicago $787.00
Grand Canyon Area Call for pricing
Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park Area Call for pricing
Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada) $612.00
Toronto, Ontario (Canada) $856.00
Charlevoix Region Quebec (Canada) Call for pricing
Others Available If it's not listed Please contact us!

‡ Designates that a driver guide is utilized in this destination. Separate drivers and guides are available.

* We may have other vehicle sizes contracted in certain destinations. SUV, conversion vans, mini-bus or even full size motor-coaches for groups.